Do you believe in Atlantis?

Well, in the bible it says in genesis ch.7 that the gates that held back the water burst open and smashed the city. I believe they used “the gates of water burst open” to describe the force of the water that rushed into the city. How did the water get in? Well they are describing that a force of water hit them and flooded everything. Also, before Columbus, remember how nobody knew that there were other bodies of land surrounding them? Well they said the whole earth was covered in water so they thought the continent they lived on was the only piece of land hence earth as described. And so the waters covered the earth and the highest mountains. There were volcanoes on the map of Atlantis as you can see. So with all this evidence, can I conclude that the “earth” Noah lived in was Atlantis? Because according to Plato’s texts( where Atlantis was first mentioned) he says that Poseidon destroyed Atlantis with tall walls of water. God destroyed them with water too? Could it be that the first chapters of genesis be the story of Atlantis? Then the rest of genesis the founding of Athens, Italy, Rome and such other countries?


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